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Director / Founder

Fall 2019/2020 Internship (Ongoing)
A 4 months of internship in November 2019 – March 2020, 15 hours minimum per week. It aims to promote understanding of the gender activism ecology both in global context and local context and to enhance the ability to create and communicate knowledge about gender-based violence and consent.

The trainee will also develop their design research skills as well as the selected skill : journalism or visual designing. At the end of the program, each trainee will have to publish their individual mini-research under the theme of “Consent Interpretation” on local news site or present their work via any professional approach to pass the internship.


  • Design Researcher & Journalist : Phattamaluck THONGSRI
  • Design Researcher & Journalist : Pattanun TEJASEN
  • Design Researcher & Visual Communication Designer: Poompat WATANASIRIKUL