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Announcement of internships (May 2020 – August 2020)

In May 2020 – August 2020, Thaiconsent is accepting up to 3 international students. The internship program is suitable for students who want to create a design research portfolio on the issue of “Democracy and Gender Equality in Thailand.”

Students will pass internships when their work is publicized, such as being published in the media outside Thaiconsent. Or participate in formal exhibitions with various organizations.


The goal of the internship program:

  • Thaiconsent has developed an internship and skills training program for communicators on Consent / Gender Equality / in which the internship will focus on finding the answer, “How is gender equality important to democracy?”.
  • To promote and push the work of students to be accepted at the professional level.


Thaiconsent Mission:

  • Head: Create knowledge for society, spark public conversation.
  • Hand: Inviting people in the community to join together.
  • Heart: Supporting and beside people who went through a bad experience.


Scope of internships:

  • One project that students do self-researching and building their portfolio. This part is the main priority.
  • Supporting a project that Thaiconsent already has in its quarterly plan.


Agreement on compensation and ownership of works:

This internship program does not provide an hourly salary. But students can do fundraising activities according to their project. The practices that resulted from the internship is a copyright of the students.


Student qualifications and working condition:

  • Have a student status. We will give priority to those who want to apply the internship contract to the university first.
  • We mainly work from home, so internet connection is mandatory.
  • Familiar with working through email and online channels.
  • Must be eligible to do remote work with fellow trainees.
  • Can manage the work schedule by themself. The student should give time to the project of Thaiconsent at least 15 hours per week, which we will not monitor your working hours. The only indicator here is, if the work does not reflect the quality and the number of hours, they will not pass the program.


Brief of the internship program:

  • May: learn and understand the gender-equality universe (do research at home and do online group work)
  • June: Developing solo research and assisting with Thaiconsent’s work.
  • July: Developing a solo project and helping with the work that Thaiconsent is doing.
  • August: Publishing of your solo project. Reflected on the internship experience and make a portfolio.

Job Position:
Students in every position have a period to do their solo project. The division of jobs will be used when we need to communicate the activity of the whole group to the outsiders.

  • Researcher & Journalist / Writer
    • Create their project in writing form. Write and publish the progress or internship content on our channel.
  • Researcher & Visual Designer
    • Create content and communicate the internship program in the form of images (photography/drawing/graphic design/animation/etc.)


Internship certificates:
Students will receive an internship certificate from Ban Yang Film Ordinary Partnership. The document will focus on two topics.

  • A) Professional Skills: it means students can start and finish their project by themself. They can work with other organizations professionally. They can communicate their work for the benefit of society, etc.
  • B) Thaiconsent Representative: it means that students have an understanding of Consent at any level they understood. It depends on how much the student can propose and defend their idea about gender equality and gender justice.


How to apply:
Send an email to by April 13th. In the email, please include…

  1.  Introduction message about who are you and what are you doing,
  2. What position will you practice? Why do you want to do an internship with us?
  3. Expectation you have from the internship programs
  4. Any other information that we should know about you is welcomed. It could be a CV/portfolio/previous work. Please show us how you can contribute to our team 😀
  5. What is your opinion on the issue of Democracy and Gender Equality? Why this topic draws you here? How is it related to you?


Selection Process:
The application deadline is April 13th. We will contact you back via email for the result around April 20th. If you get selected, the online interview is scheduled around April 21-25th. The final results will be announced on April 27th. The first month of the internship will conduct at your home, starts from May 1st.


Any question?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us via