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Our Mission is to create a safe place for the voices of sexual harassment victims to be heard. (Happy, healthy and fun stories are welcome too)

The project started with social media communities called 
ThaiConsent and 2 Cents for Consent.  ThaiConsent was created for Thai communities and has over 39,000 followers. 2 Cents for Consent is a 3 month-old American community that so far gained over 850 followers. The community continues to raise awareness by featuring both healthy & unhealthy stories, and thrives to educate & inspire positive motivation in the oppressed and silenced.


Founded by Nana Wongsawang in 2017. Our 1st exhibit "Till It Happens To You" showed in Bangkok, Thailand at Bangkok Art and Culture Center as a sub-exhibition in Women's Day Theme on November 21st to 26th, 2017. Our project continues to spread the message globally. Our next exhibit will hold in SOMA, San Francisco, USA.

Our Peeps:
Creator & Content Owner: Nana Wipaphan Wongsawang
Project Manager: Michelle Namro Yoon
Project Manager: Kitikhun Pan Vongsayan
Community Manager: Melissa Silvers
CI Advisor: Chritine F. Villanueva 


‘First Step, Break Silence’: Pop-up Consent Art Exhibit | SF

A consent awareness community “2 Cents for Consent” is hosting a pop-up art exhibit in SOMA for 2 days.

Opening Reception: Feb 10th 3 – 7 pm
Feb 10th to 11th. 12-7 pm

The pop-up art exhibit is called “First Step: Break Silence” The show will feature over 20 art works (from both local and international artists) paired with real anonymous stories of various consensual situations. Our mission is to create a safe space for the voices of the oppressed & silenced to be heard. This show comes at a suitable time not too far apart from the annual Women’s March & the Valentine’s Day. We thrive to raise consent awareness with art and stories. Stories will move you and art will inspire you. 

Cost: FREE
Categories: Art & Museums

Address: 505 Natoma St., San Francisco, CA

Article source : https://sf.funcheap.com

The Organizer

The project was cooperated by Thai and SF-based artists. Inspired by stories from thaiconsent.org. Founded by :

Michelle Yoon
An Art Director | Storyboard Artist | Illustrator. Michelle is the main organizer of the event.

I love color and movement! I love learning new skills and working with people. I currently reside in San Francisco, CA.


Kitikhun Vongsayan
Visual Developer and Illustrator

I am a visual developer, illustrator, concept designer. My experiences include making concept art for games and animated films. I am actively seeking a challenging project to be a part of. Please do not hesitate to contact for any inquiries.

Nana Wipaphan Wongsawang
Founder of thaiconsent.org, Nana provided stories and advices for the direction.

Story Example : YOU ARE SO NICE TO ME


[Anonymous, 30, Male, Homosexual]

“Thank you for not finding me disgusting. Thank you so much. You are so nice to me.”

That’s what he said as he panted and moved over my body with increasing speed. I laid down, looking at him with emotionless face. The room was filling with morning light. I saw that his body turned grey. A big grey body that was moving over my body with lust.
We have known each other as ‘brothers’ in the field of my work for years. He is a respectable person. He is trustworthy and always willing to give advice. But last night he was trying to shove my dick into his mouth and was on his knees begging if he could have sex with me just once.

I guess it was a pitiful feeling. Just the concept makes me sad but the reality was even sadder. I had no idea if rejecting or agreeing would hurt more. His expression and voice made me feel empathetic for him, so I just laid there letting him do whatever he wanted. He thanked me over and over with happiness, put condom on for me and that was the first time that I entered a 50-year-old man who weighs almost 200 lbs.

The dawn came. I smelled the sweat and felt the heat coming from his body, and finally he moaned loudly and cummed on my torso. I didn’t reach the climax but I told him I didn’t need to. I hurried to the bathroom. I could feel a lot of mixed feelings. It was a crazy situation that I never thought I’d be in. I didn’t even know why I did it. I guess it was out of pity. I felt awkward. It’s not like he was forcing me into doing it but I felt like this wasn’t any different.

When I came out of the bathroom, he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He hugged me and thanked me again.
“Thank you for not finding me disgusting. I’m really happy.”

He tried to kiss me but I stopped him.

That was the last time I saw him. I deleted all contacts I have with him. I guess what people say about sex being the quickest way to break a friendship is really true. At least I realized that we should have sex with someone we want. Pity sex is a mistake. As soon as we agree to have sex with someone out of pity, that’s when we forget to feel sorry for ourselves too.

Featured Artist: Tanta Vorawatanakul Tantav Illustration