‘First Step, Break Silence’: Pop-up Consent Art Exhibit | SF

The pop-up art exhibit is called “First Step: Break Silence” The show will feature over 20 art works (from both local and international artists) paired with real anonymous stories of various consensual situations. Our mission is to create a safe space for the voices of the oppressed & silenced to be heard. This show comes at a suitable time not too far apart from the annual Women’s March & the Valentine’s Day. We thrive to raise consent awareness with art and stories. Stories will move you and art will inspire you.  

Thaiconsent Art Exhibition x the FRIDA Young Feminist Fund

Thaiconsent group would like to initiate an art project that you bring into public discussion the issue of consent, gender equality and feminism. It would be a first feminist “artivist” scene in Thailand to exhibit young artists (of all genders)- amateurs and professionals- about the way they express their understanding of sexual consent and feminism.