My washed panties is being dry next to cleaning rag.

One day I washed my underwear. I dried it by clamping at the hanging rail at the same level as usual clothes. My uncle-in-law saw my action. He moved my panties to the bottom of the clamp, next to the cleaning rag.

I’m very dissatisfied. I argue that my washed underwear should be clean. Why is it to be dried next to the dirty rag?

Then mom called me, scold me that I should not argue with the adult.

I was taught since my childhood, that women’s clothes, especially the lower piece, is something “dirtier” than men’s. I asked my mother why. Mother has no answer for me.

Story from an anonymous, she is 35 years old now.

This whole March 2020, is posting stories of women, girls, boys, who once experienced the “everyday struggle” of gender discrimination in Thailand as a part of #generationequality campaign.