ConsentConnection.org is an international version of Thaiconsent.in.th . After years of work, we experienced working in a more borderless way. ConsentConnection aims to strengthen the feminist network worldwide and to share useful tools and resources among the group.

Thaiconsent.in.th, and ConsentConnection.org aims to end sexual harassment and violence against women in Thailand. The project contains content creation, youth leadership development, networking, and design project related to the topic.

Thaiconsent.in.th Founded in 2015. It has begun since many of my friends have been sexually abused by someone close to them. In the meantime, we have to fight a lot to receive justice. At the very least, we fight against the myths of society that pour the guilt on the victims.  You might wonder that the hardest person to fight with is the parents of the victim.

At that time, society did not have a proper understanding of sexual harassment. We have to answer questions like "Why not protect yourself better?" "Why do you let him enter the room at first?"

Many stories ended by the victim being asked to "forgive." And the offender still does not know that they did wrong. The more we do about this, the more we find the "victim," who tell us their stories.


Because violations in real life are not like in movies or the news.

When we started this project, we were 21-22 years old. Still, we got to know about 7-10 sexually abused people in this group, everyone has a close relationship with us (seniors, juniors, friends, etc.), and they were violated by someone they trust (being seniors, juniors, friends, etc.).

It's not difficult to report IF the offender IS a stranger OR is someone we are ready to hate. But what to do when the offender is someone we trust? They can claim to society that "We do not deny strongly enough, so they misunderstood our intention."

In real life, people are standing with THEM. We then decide that "We do not want this event to happen to another person." by educating the society that sex fair should come with respect to others.

Besides, we also hope that Thai society will have the right knowledge to deal with incidents, not judging, stigmatizing, repeated violations of victims.


We hope that people who passed by this site will...

  • Have good experience in having sex
  • Understand and not violating other people's rights
  • Will help others when they need it.
  • Believe that we can change society in a creative way
  • Respect each other's hearts.


Why does Thai society have to adjust to this matter?

In societies where rape culture still repeated on TV Dramas, people do blame on the victim. People don't consider rape from colleagues a rape. People make rape jokes. People advocate people to take advantage of the drunk. Rape culture is not being tackled hard enough. 


We can be a part of a safe society by:

  • Be more empathy by thinking of people who do not dare to deny strongly.
  • Always sure that there is consent when having sex.
  • Do not violate other people's rights.
  • When someone comes to share their experience of violation, do not judge, but listen.
  • Help people who are prone to risky situations, such as protect your friend in college's party from raping the others.
  • Stop supporting violent culture, for example, admit that some jokes are creepy.
  • Take it seriously in the workplace.


The team

From 2015 to now, Thaiconsent runs by a group of volunteers; many want to remain anonymous. In 2019, we started accepting applications for internships. In the Yearbook, you can find their project on that page.

Online extraterrestrial activities

Thaiconsent / Consentconnection gets sponsored by the Feminist organizations occasionally. 


  • 2018 FRIDA Exhibition - see the list of artists, activists, and the team here.
  • 2018 2CentsForConsent - see the list of artists, activists, and the team  here
  • Other names will be updated.


If you want to push our work to have more impact Please contact us via thaiconsent@gmail.com